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Taulli T. Generative AI. How ChatGPT and Other AI Tools...Business 2023
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This book will show how generative technology works and the drivers. It will also look at the applications – showing what various startups and large companies are doing in the space. There will also be a look at the challenges and risk factors.
During the past decade, companies have spent billions on AI. But the focus has been on applying the technology to predictions – which is known as analytical AI. It can mean that you receive TikTok videos that you cannot resist. Or analytical AI can fend against spam or fraud or forecast when a package will be delivered. While such things are beneficial, there is much more to AI. The next megatrend will be leveraging the technology to be creative. For example, you could take a book and an AI model will turn it into a movie – at very little cost. This is all part of generative AI. It’s still in the nascent stages but it is progressing quickly. Generative AI can already create engaging blog posts, social media messages, beautiful artwork and compelling videos.
Auto Code Generation: The technology may not necessarily replace coders. Instead, it will allow for pair programming. Think of the AI as a valuable assistant. In other words, this can greatly increase the productivity of existing IT staffs. Usually, an AI code generation system is plugged into an IDE or Integrated Development Environment. The IDE is the system where a coder develops applications. Even as you write code, there may be suggestions for the next line or lines of code. After all, with generative AI, a key is the ability to understand complex sequences of words. Or you can use a prompt. This could be something like “Write a function that averages numbers.” The code will then appear. This is extremely powerful. Prompt-based programming may ultimately mean that nontechnical people can be programmers. Coding will be about putting together clear-cut requirements and workflows. Another useful function is language translation. You can convert code from Python to, say, C++ or Java. This can be extremely useful for migration projects. In March 2023, Microsoft announced the next version of this platform. It’s called GitHub Copilot X.9 The focus is to help coders with the entire development life cycle. GitHub Copilot X is based on GPT-4, which has allowed for vast improvements in the capabilities.
What You Will Learn:
The importance of understanding generative AI
The fundamentals of the technology, like the foundation and diffusion models
How generative AI apps work
How generative AI will impact various categories like the law, marketing/sales, gaming, product development, and code generation.
The risks, downsides and challenges.
Who This Book is For:
Professionals that do not have a technical background. Rather, the audience will be mostly those in Corporate America (such as managers) as well as people in tech startups, who will need an understanding of generative AI to evaluate the solutions.
The potential for this technology is enormous. It will be useful for many categories like sales, marketing, legal, product design, code generation, and even pharmaceutical creation.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Generative AI
Chapter 2: Data
Chapter 3: AI Fundamentals
Chapter 4: Core Generative AI Technology
Chapter 5: Large Language Models
Chapter 6: Auto Code Generation
Chapter 7: The Transformation of Business
Chapter 8: The Impact on Major Industries
Chapter 9: The Future