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Pingale P. Drug Delivery Technology. Herbal Bioenhancers in Pharmaceuticals 2022
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Bioenhancers have been used in Ayurveda historically and are now being investigated for their pharmacological effi cacy. Herbal bioenhancers work on the gastrointestinal tract to improve absorption and drug bioavailability by acting on the drug metabolic process. Many herbal drugs show low activity due to their poor lipid solubility or improper molecular size. Piperine, gingerol, naringin, quercetin, niaziridin, glycyrrhizin, allicin, curcumin, genistein and others are able to enhance the bioavailability of active pharmaceuticals. This book details various facets of herbal bio-enhancers in a single comprehensive text.
Discusses the utilization of herbal molecules to enhance bioavailability of active pharmaceuticals.
Covers bioenhancers for drug delivery, in human and veterinary applications, and future prospects.
Useful for professionals and students alike.
List of contributing authors
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Role of herbal bioenhancers in tuberculosis and drug delivery thereof
Herbal bioenhancers in cancer drug delivery
Pharmacotherapeutics and pharmacokinetics of herbal bioenhancers
Growing impact of herbal bioenhancers in pharmaceutical industries
Herbal bioenhancers and improvement of the bioavailability of drugs
Case study: Indian herbal bioenhancers
Current trends on herbal bioenhancers
Future perspectives of herbal bioenhancer
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