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Comand APS Map DVD Europe 2015/2016 (V16.0) NTG1
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Comand APS Map NTG1
2015-06-17 03:08 GMT

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[B]Comand APS Map DVD Europe 2015/2016 (V16.0) for E (W211), CLS, SLK (R171), SL (R230), Maybach, S/CL (W220/W215)[/B]


[I]This is the latest V16.0 Map European DVD for for E (W211), CLS, SLK (R171), SL (R230), Maybach, S/CL (W220/W215) in the boot / trunk[/I]. 

It is put into the navigation DVD drive in the boot (trunk) of the car. It is not suitable for cars that have a CD that only covers one to three countries in the head unit (see our Navigation CD section) and not suitable for the latest MY2009 facelift cars that have a built in hard disk. 

This disk has coverage for the following countries: UK (GB), A, AND, B, BG, CH, CZ, D, DK, E, EST, F, FIN, FL, GB, GBZ, GR, H, HR, I, IRL, L, LT, LV, MC, N, NL, P, PL, RO, RSM, S, SK, SLO and V. 

TMC coverage for UK (GB), A, B, CH, D, DK, E, F, GB, I, N, NL, S 

[B]V16.0 - Released June 2015[/B] 

The 2015/2016 version covers the whole of Western europe. 
The navigation data on the 2015/2016 version covers over 9.9 million kilometres of road throughout Europe. 
- in eastern europe there is full coverage of the Baltic states, Greece, croatia, Poland, the slovak republic, slovenia, the czech republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and romania. 
Prime coverage* has been significantly extended in the following countries: • Bulgaria: +2 percent 
• Slovenia: +1 percent 
• Hungary: +5 percent 
- intensive work means that the quality of the maps for Bulgaria has been significantly increased (20,154 km Prime coverage*, compared with 18,468 km in the previous version). 
- The 2015/2016 version features 90,789 towns and communities. 
- Precise navigation to the required house number expanded: 
There is, for the most part, full house number coverage in central and northern European countries, while coverage has been improved in the following countries: 
• Lithuania: +7 percent 
• Romania: +2 percent 
c Points of interest (Poi): 
• Almost 2.5 million key points of interest are featured on the DVD, including filling stations, car parks, museums, restaurants and 
hospitals. There are around 200,000 more POIs here than in the previous version. 
• Some 3434 restaurants and 6755 nightlife destinations have been added to the new 2015/2016 version. 
If required,the navigation system will also show the user the quickest route to 2996 Mercedes-Benz service outlets. 
- Dynamic route guidance based on the latest traffic data (TMC/RDS): 
Using the data from the Traffic Message Channel, the navigation system takes into account the latest motorway traffic bulletins and automatically calculates diversions. This convenient service is available in 10 countries. 
- road network updates: 
• Map updates include millions of changes, e.g. new roads, crossroads, bypasses, junctions and motorway slip roads and exits.One section of road may feature up to 260 attributes, such as the number of lanes or one-way routing. All of these attributes and the vast number of points of interest have to be updated constantly. 
• In this new version, for example, over 71,025 roundabouts, 202,802 turning restrictions, 48,755 one-way streets and 1,056,341 street names have been updated. In addition, over 1,906,460 kilometres of road have been updated, including approx. 1925 sections of motorway and dual carriageway