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Vanthom - ER Christmas - Hail Saint Elliot Rodger He did Absolut
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Vanthom ER Christmas Hail Saint Elliot Rodger He did Absolutely NOTHING Wrong!! roflcopter2110 1080p MP4 INCEL REBELLION NOW! RISE UP INCELS! KILL ALL OF THE STACYS!
2019-12-25 00:23:31 GMT
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Vanthom - ER Christmas - Hail Saint Elliot Rodger He did Absolutely NOTHING Wrong!! - roflcopter2110 1080p.mp4 - 3min 51s 1920 x 1080

RISE UP INCELS!! It's a Elliot Rodger Christmas!!!! I am tired of lying cheating stuck up hypergamous sluts and whores, thots, WOMEN WILL NEVER BE EQUAL TO A MAN!!!! Women need to learn to SUBMIT to Men and they need to learn and know their place, they are supposed to be monogamous housewives they belong in the kitchen cleaning, making sandwiches and taking care of the kids while I am out busting my ass working and providing and when I come home bitch better have my damn breakfast/lunch/dinner whatever time I come home my meal better already be made then you better suck me off and make me bust a good load <3.. IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE, WHITE LIVES MATTER 14/88 WHITE PRIDE WORLDWIDE, ISLAM IS RIGHT ABOUT WOMEN, MAKE WOMEN PROPERTY AGAIN!!!! WE NEED TO PRINT THESE FLYERS OUT AND PUT THEM EVERYWHEREEEEE!!!!!!! These women are not worth a damn and the day of retribution is still alive in the land, Legalize Prostitution, Violence is inevitable. Violence Solves Everything, fuck morals fuck this piece of shit world I have been rejected my whole life.. I've always went against the grain and never gave a fuck about anything really lol I have nothing to lose.. I have no one no girl that cares for me it is bullshit.. It's a sad reality where no one cares to listen what you are going through and the hell that you have to endure.. Let this whole system crumble and burn, BURN THE WHOLE DAMN SYSTEM DOWN, STORM THE CASTLE AND LYNCH THE BASTARDS!! The time for ACTION is NOW, let's make 2020 a NEW decade of INSURGENCY/REBELLION/OVERTHROW OF ALL CHADS AND STACY'S.. Hail the Saints Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian, FREE ALEK MINASSIAN he should have mowed down more whores..

Wake up to reality!! YOU ARE A SLAVE, THE ELITE OWN YOU WE ARE RULED OVER BY PSYCHOPATHS YOUR GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!! GO LOOK AT "The Georgia Guidestones" they want to reduce the world population down to 500 million, MILLIONS WILL DIE!!

I, roflcopter2110 am here to get the truth out to the sleeping zombie tax debt slaves and get them to RISE UP, STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE SYSTEM THAT IS IN PLACE TO SCREW US!! I am here to give you the information that they do NOT want you to know about!! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, WE HAVE BEEN ENSLAVED THROUGH LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!!

THIS is freedom, I LOVE FREE SPEECH, we have enemies out here though folks they are censoring the FUCK out of ME roflcopter2110 please please support me even more tell your friends, family and white neighbors get involved get active take action the time for ACTION is NOW!! It is time to take this TRUTH to the STREETS and SHOUT IT for ALL to hear!!

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